Nowadays SMS messages are still used in machine-to-machine communication, especially in case of emergency as backup communication, or when a single operation needs to be performed swiftly. SMS messages with Teltonika Mobility trackers can be used for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to:

Teltonika Mobility offers FREE and UNLIMITED SMS messages with the Truphone solution. Yes, you have read right – in all 110 covered countries, all the SMS messages sent from Truphone IoT Platform to Teltonika trackers with our SIM cards from now on are free of charge!

Though considered obsolete, SMS messages are still in use, and, exclusively for Teltonika Mobility customers, at no extra charge. Apart from quick delivery and instant reply, SMS messages:

Free SMS sending and receiving is done through SIM card management IoT Platform. Simply log in to the Truphone IoT Platform via any Internet browser on any device, select the needed SIM card and send SMS to the GPS tracker. The SMS responses from the tracking device are also received to the IoT Platform. This way, it uses no data, there are no limits on SMS messages, and it costs nothing in the 110 countries around the world.Additionally, there is a traditional way to exchange SMS without an IoT Platform. The customer can send an SMS to the GPS tracker from a cellular device. The SMS in this case would cost as much as the network operator charges. To get a response from the GPS tracker, the SMS bundle must be purchased. In this case, the SMS messages are sent and received to a cellular phone, outside of the Teltonika network.

At Teltonika Mobility, we offer a Global Plan with 500 MB for 5 years of connectivity and an unlimited number of free SMS as long as the data plan is not expired. Free SMS messages can be sent and received from Teltonika Global Connectivity Solution SIM cards through the IoT Platform within the Teltonika network. Otherwise, a traditional way to utilise paid SMS bundle exists.

Keep in mind, the complete solution that includes Teltonika Mobility devices and their accessories, SIM cards, the SIM card management IoT Platform, and five-star customer support service, is just a phone call away. For further information and additional orders, please contact your Teltonika Mobility Sales Manager.