Teltonika Mobility launches highly-awaited Asset Tracker

Teltonika Mobility launches highly-awaited Asset Tracker

Teltonika Mobility is delighted to announce the release of a highly-anticipated ASSET TRACKER EASY (TAT100). The device serves as a multi-layered solution ensuring high-quality monitoring and control of valuable assets.

The variety of trackable assets includes wire reels, tools, construction equipment, containers, scissor lifts and other expensive equipment. The device may not only serve as a solution to track and monitor valuable assets, but also act as a backup tracker for vehicles (functionality coming later this year).

Teltonika Mobility launches highly-awaited Asset Tracker

There is a lot of non-powered assets out in the world that are difficult to track, as it can be left for days or remain in obscure locationsj before getting any supervision. Companies suffer millions of losses because of stolen or damaged valuable assets. Although there is an increasing number of monitoring solutions in the market, we identified that there is a lack of solutions applicable to a variety of use cases.

Karolis Steckas, Product Owner at Teltonika Mobility, commented on the launch of the new product: “One of our main goals is to be as close to clients as possible and to know what challenges and problems they are facing. Thus, after analysing market demands and receiving feedback from clients and partners, we’ve created a time-saving asset tracking solution that will relieve our clients from long procedures in terms of monitoring. Also, we’ve thought about the applicability of this asset tracker – one of the benefits relates to the fact there is a number of use cases where it can be deployed and adequately protect particular assets”.


In terms of asset tracking, many businesses consider this as one of the key aspects when dealing with a variety of things: timely transportation of assets, on-time reaction to threats on the security of assets and other small yet important matters. How our ASSET TRACKEREASY aims to save your time?


It is not an easy task to find a product that can operate in different scenarios and be applied in challenging situations. That is what our ASSET TRACKEREASY is about – flexibility, adaptability and convenience. These features are achieved by taking into account several aspects of our product.

In upcoming week we will launch a series of webinars dedicated to ASSET TRACKEREASY and best usage scenarios. At the same time, our R&D team continues to work on adding new accessories and functionalities to the device. More information about them will follow later.

In the meantime, you can find out more about the product here.

Teltonika Mobility launches highly-awaited Asset Tracker