Teltonika Mobility partners with Vmoto Soco

Teltonika Mobility partners with Vmoto Soco

Teltonika Mobility today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Vmoto Soco, the global scooter manufacturing and distribution group. The cooperation will see the implementation of our TFT100 trackers into Vmoto Soco‘s e-scooters worldwide.

Over the last 20 years, Vmoto Soco has built up a reputation of trusted suppliers of ride-sharing electric vehicles (EV), as its global distribution and service network extends over 60 countries globally. Their client base includes private customers, rental businesses and notable ride-sharing providers like Go-Sharing (The Netherlands), Zigzag (Italy), Mimoto (Italy) and others.

From now Vmoto Soco‘s e-scooters fleet will be upgraded with one of the best-selling trackers TFT100. The solution is equipped with advanced GNSS/GSM connectivity, a convenient OTA updating system and a variety of communication protocols, namely, CANBUS, RS485 and RS232. Teltonika’s device will be integrated into CUX e-scooters, more vehicles are expected to be added to the fleet soon.

According to Adam Cui, International Sales Manager at Vmoto Soco, the global partnership with Teltonika will serve as a leeway for business expansion and provide flexibility to the customers.

“Most IoT solutions on the market have disruptions in connection and tracking. In TFT100 we identified the stable performance which is an essential quality in the ride-sharing business. As top EV supplier for professional markets, we need such partnerships to offer the latest smart solutions. For our business, data is money and less maintenance means more profit. Therefore, a reliable TFT100 IoT solution would reduce the maintenance costs and keep the whole system intact. With an advanced product, quality service and professional team, Teltonika proves to be one of the best suppliers. We hope to co-develop a stable and cost-friendly solution, leading to more progress in the competitive market”, - said Adam Cui.

Marius Slavinskas, Head of Sales at Teltonika Mobility, expressed satisfaction over the new business arrangement: “Cooperation with Super Soco, one of the most established e-scooters manufacturers globally, represents a key step forward in strengthening the value of our products within the market of micro-mobility. A crucial benefit of our common solution relates to the fact that our partners can forget about going through an enduring process of buying products from different providers – we, as Teltonika Mobility and Super Soco, took care of it. Thus, launching a new e-scooters fleet will be more effective and consume less time“.

“We hope this cooperation will be a stepping stone for us to provide not only e-scooters but other types of connected vehicles, adapted to micro-mobility needs“, - estimated Marius Slavinskas.

About Vmoto Soco

Vmoto Soco is an Australian Securities Exchange listed company and is the official supplier of Ducati. The company focuses on manufacturing of high quality “green“ electric-powered two-wheel and three-wheel vehicles with the production capacity of 300,000 vehicles per year and wholly-owned 30,000 sqm state of the art manufacturing facility in Nanjing, China. Over the last 20 years, Vmoto Soco has built up a global distribution and service network across 60 countries with two primary brands: E-Max (targeting the Western B2B markets, with a premium end product) and Super Soco (targeting the Western B2C markets), a distribution warehouse in Amsterdam and market center in Milan,Italy.

Vmoto Soco have developed now over 15 Models from motorcycles to scooters, entry level to premium level, two-wheel to three-wheel. We focus on technology and professional solutions for global markets.

About Teltonika Mobility

Teltonika Mobility is an experienced manufacturer of E-Mobility and Micro-Mobility devices. The company offers solutions which are highly suitable for electric scooters and can provide data directly from the scooter’s ECU, allowing remote access for the manufacturer of the scooter. Teltonika Mobility can support a range of electrical vehicles in the market, with the focus set on e-scooters, e-bicycles, kick e-scooters, three-wheelers and other connected e-vehicles. Teltonika Mobility is now successfully working with clients in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America. In 2020 Teltonika Mobility has grown the range of services, as well as the customers’ trust in 98 countries.

Teltonika Mobility is part of Teltonika IoT group, one of the global leaders in providing Internet of Things solutions. With over 22 years of experience in the field, Teltonika operates in four different industries: Telematics, Networks, EMS and Telemedic. In 2020, the company has reached an important landmark with 13 million of developed and deployed devices worldwide.