In recent decades the pharmaceutical industry has experienced significant growth with billions of dollars generated annually. Expansion of the industry poses massive logistics challenges such as shipping the medicine within a suitable temperature-controlled environment. Inadequate product protection and consequent money loss have been one of the key issues that we are ready to tackle with our solution. 


The pharmaceutical logistics industry has always been a subject to massive financial flows. According to Grand View Research, the global pharmaceutical logistics market was valued at $69 billion in 2019, and it is projected to reach a staggering $118,9 billion by 2027. Ageing demographics and rising wealth levels in developed countries, as well as the development of new medical products, should fuel the rise of the market.

When it comes to delivery of pharmaceuticals, one should take into account various precautions that are required to preserve the integrity and quality of a product. The pharmaceuticals can react to many different factors that include light, vibration, shock and temperature changes. Precisely, transporting medicine at the proper temperature is still a costly issue that logistic companies face over the years. The biopharma industry accounts for approximately $35 billion annual loss due to disruptions in temperature-controlled logistics (2019 Biopharma Cold Chain Logistics Survey).

It should be noted that 20% of pharmaceuticals while being transported, are damaged due to a broken cold chain (Cargosense). For end-users, the compromised deliveries can be life-threatening, while for businesses such failures can bring tough outcomes: millions of dollar lost, tarnished company reputation, decreasing trust from clients, environmental harm from disposed waste and legal consequences. 

The year of 2021 presented another logistic challenge in transporting the COVID-19 vaccines. These vaccines are temperature-sensitive, and some even require a deep-freeze chain storage. Since a single COVID-19 vaccine costs $36 per patient*, one could imagine the possible scale of financial losses and wastage of crucial medicine. For example, if a truck loaded with 200 boxes of COVID-19 vaccines, would be exposed to some deviations in temperature changes, such failure may cost as minimum as 72,000$.  In these uncertain times, quick and reliable solutions are essential for everyone involved – governments, logistic companies and others. Here‘s how Teltonika can come to your aid in terms of ground transportation and monitoring of pharmaceuticals or vaccines.


Ground delivery is one of the most flexible methods for cold-chain transportation of pharmaceuticals, and we have a two-way smart solution to ensure stable temperature and monitoring at all times.


Let’s say, the delivery product is vaccines, and they have to be transported from the manufacturing site to the distribution centre abroad. In order to monitor temperature conditions through a long journey, there are several things to consider. 

Mounted inside the truck, our AssetTracker (TAT100) device will ensure that you never lose constant information about your vaccines. That is established by two extremely low self-discharge batteries that help to withstand long journeys. 

Secondly, end-to-end tracking is crucial when the vaccine needs to be delivered quickly and without delays. Our device, equipped with internal high-gain GNSS antennas, will send information about the shipment in real-time throughout the whole journey. In cases of an unexpected slow-down, our solution enables us to report changes in schedule, while companies can effectively and promptly coordinate the plans.

In terms of temperature monitoring, the solution can not be complete without ELA Blue Puck T-Probe sensor. The unit can operate with a temperature range from -80°C to 80°C with 0.1°C resolution. When transporting sensitive pharmaceuticals, any slight temperature deviation can be crucial. Thus, this unit will help to achieve notably accurate monitoring. 

Additionally, the user would get instant notification to his real-time tracking software about sudden increse or decrease of temperature.

All the data collected from the temperature sensor and AssetTracker is transferred to cloud software, so the information can be conveniently monitored and utilised in real-time. 




Our second solution for the safe and monitored transportation of pharmaceuticals is accustomed to domestic needs. For example, we have a case of vaccines transportation from regional distribution centres to hospitals, medical clinics or rest homes.

Regional delivery takes less time, while vans of smaller capacity are utilised for shorter distance movement. Our small and convenient Mini Tracker (TMT250) serves as an ideal solution for this purpose. Depending on the configuration, the unit would be able to send regular updates of the current location and condition of a shipment for a day.

In the present case, as in the case of international delivery, the tracker is complemented by ELA Blue Puck T-Probe sensor with a temperature range from -80°C to 80°C with 0.1°C resolution. With real-time tracking software in place, the user would get instant notifications about sudden increase or decrease of temperature.


Featured product Asset Tracker Easy

Unit is perfect for valuable goods tracking, wire reels, tools, construction equipment, containers, wagons, scissor lifts and many other non-powered assets.


1 report per day - up to 3 years*


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