Construction site monitoring

Construction site monitoring


Construction equipment theft is a major concern worldwide. This is a very low-risk and high reward job for thieves. And only less than 25% of stolen equipment is recovered each year. This was already recognized a while ago as a significant problem all over the world – Europe, US, Canada, Australia, Japan. Some of the equipment cost as much as 150.000 EUR. Backhoes are somewhere in between of 40.000 EUR to 60.000 EUR, generators from 25.000 EUR to even 150.000 EUR. And the total evaluation of stolen equipment per year averaged from ~1,2B EUR to ~4B EUR in above mentioned regions. At the same time, it is difficult to evaluate the actual number because not all of the thefts are accounted and officially registered.

And that is a headache for business owners of construction sites – how to manage all the machinery, assets, equipment, how to protect that against possible theft and make sure nothing is missing.

Why Teltonika?

Either it is a powered or non-powered unit, steady or moving. Our battery powered solution is the most effective way to ensure that you always know where are your valuable goods. Bulldozers, graders, scrapers, backhoes, excavators and their buckets, diggers, cranes, pavers, mixers, tools, power generators, forklifts and many more.

Take full control of your assets, save your money and resources.


Construction site monitoring

Featured product Asset TrackerEasy

Unit is perfect for valuable goods tracking, wire reels, tools, construction equipment, containers, wagons, scissor lifts and many other non-powered assets.


Internal battery which could send up to 1000 Records!


Robust, small and easy to install


Water and dust resistant for outdoor integrations (IP67)


Location-based service tracking


Periodic reports and weekly scheduler. Track on spot & in motion


4 mounting options