E-forklifts management

E-forklifts management

Smart e-forklifts management 

If you’re in the manufacturing or distribution industries, downtime can be one of the biggest headaches for your business. Due to equipment malfunction, you’re losing money on your employees and manufactured products, whereas your daily operational costs keep running and customers may doubt about taking your services. 

Sounds not very pleasant, isn’t it?

E-forklifts management

As you may see in the figure above, a forklift can be fruitful for five years, and every hour counts. Let’s say, one of your forklifts starts malfunctioning or your employee is not productive; that would account for roughly one hour and 14.10 euro per day. Imagine these problems occur every day – you would lose potential 3581 euro per forklift a year. The number would be even higher if we take into consideration a larger part of your fleet. 

However, heavy losses may be avoided if there are established performance monitoring and timely system reporting. That’s where Teltonika e-forklift management solution comes into play.


Powered with MANUAL CAN, our TFT100 tracker will be indispensable in your forklift fleet. Firstly, you will be protected from unexpected malfunctions, as our device sends real-time data information about your forklift system performance directly to the user platform. The feature of predictive maintenance will also contribute to constructive and timely management of your fleet.

The same applies to battery life monitoring. If you have a certain task to conduct, our solution may provide the battery status on request.“

In terms of worker data, you will be able to track (counter)productivity due to implemented iButton and immobilizer features which authenticate the forklift user. In case of an accident, our impact detection will contribute to the overall information of your forklift activity.


Why Teltonika?

For over 10 years we are thriving in providing state-of-the-art IoT solutions. Teltonika is moving forward with an ever-changing world, and that‘s what our clients value most. Behind every product and solution, we have a professional team who are ready to assist you and find answers in crucial situations. 


Featured product E-Forklift Tracker Plus

Small, professional and waterproof tracker for forklifts, E-mopeds and E-scooters with internal high gain GNSS/GSM antennas, Bluetooth, high capacity internal Li-ion battery and 10-97 V power supply range.


CAN, RS232, RS485 & UART interface support depending on chosen modification


Manual CAN and J1939 support for data reading


Water and dust resistant for outdoor integrations (IP67)


Convenient OTA (over-the-air) updating through user-friendly applications


10-97V wide range of power supply voltage for integration variety


Bluetooth for external devices and Low Energy sensors