Efficient kick e-scooter sharing management

Efficient kick e-scooter sharing management


Over the last decade, electric shared mobility has become one of the major trends in the world. Among means of electric mobility, kick electric scooter sharing emerged as an efficient force in combating pollution and less traffic in cities all over the globe. For operations to be even more convenient, we are ready to provide a sophisticated solution for sharing kick e-scooters.


If you’re actively participating in your city life, traffic congestion and parking-space issues are likely on top of “why don’t we get rid of these problems” list. These are not only nerve-wracking experience, but also drain one’s wallet. According to Global Traffic Scorecard report 2019, in the United States alone people lost 99 hours a year due to congestion and that cost them $88 billion in 2019. 

These issues, complemented with CO2 emission and air pollution, have been a long-term headache for municipalities and governments worldwide. Hence, it is no wonder shared microbility (E-scooters, kick e-scooters, e-bikes) in recent years has proved to be a relief for both citizens and cities itself, as it is now available in 626 cities over 53 countries (data from NUMO New Mobility Atlas). 

The launch of shared e-scooters mobility platforms helps to achieve CO2 reduction and minimized-congestion targets. While one of the most important aspects also involves solving the first and last-mile problem (reaching the final destination by other means than public transportation).

Governments across the world have been introducing new policies to increase e-scooters ingression to daily citizens life. Thus, the growing popularity of sharing platforms already demands quality and lasting solutions for the services itself. If you‘re looking for ways to cement your kick e-scooter sharing operations, Teltonika has a golden ticket for you.


How I can be sure that my kick e-scooters are safe? To what extent I can control my kick e-scooter fleet remotely? These questions arise to all but one fleet owners. Luckily, our high-performing TST100 kick e-scooter tracker serves as a valuable tool to the fleet management in terms of saving time and enhanced maintenance and safety monitoring. Here’s why.



  We are one of the proven market leaders in terms of providing efficient smart autonomous solutions to various business needs. Kick e-scooter sharing operations is just one of the many fields we provide quality-driven solutions that involve an up-to-minute remote device maintenance and safety monitoring, safe usage in various weather conditions. Add our brilliant team of professionals (who will be ready to assist whenever you need) and you have a magic combination.

Featured product Kick E-Scooter Tracker Easy

Sophisticated solution for electric kick scooter sharing platforms


Data reading from the scooters ECU


Remote lock/unlock feature


Firmware and configuration update via FOTA


Classifies the degree of protection against solid objects and water


Segway ES2/ES4/Max, Xiaomi M365 and FitRider Kick E-Scooters support


Wide power supply voltage range for integration variety (8-50 V)