Food delivery (e-scooters) solution

Food delivery (e-scooters) solution

In the face of the global pandemic, many businesses have been forced to change their work routine and adapt to the needs of clients. One of the industries in focus is food delivery services, as the enhanced demand requires smart decisions to keep business flowing. Time is of the essence, that is why we are ready to offer a quality solution for e-scooters.


With electronic payments and online services becoming more credible and simpler in recent years, it would be fair to say that e-commerce and, namely, food delivery services have become a driving force in daily modern life. According to Statista, the online food delivery market’s worldwide revenue is projected to account for $136,4 billion in 2020, a 21% increase from 2019. 

Food delivery industry is expected to keep rapidly growing, with a projected stunning $182.3 billion revenue worldwide in 2024, while the unpredictability of the ongoing COVID-19 will surely contribute to the rise of the phenomenon.


Having in mind the predicted exponential growth of users, food delivery businesses will need to put out services in a timely fashion and ensure that every minute counts, no matter how tricky a situation is.

As e-bikes and e-scooters have been one of the most popular methods of transportation in food delivery chains, Teltonika offers you a safe and beneficial solution to keep track and optimize the workflow of your fleet.


It’s not a surprise that every fleet owner prefers to see his property always in use and safe condition. Our e-scooter tracker (TFT100) ticks all the boxes when we discuss proper and accurate monitoring, wide integration and safe maintenance.

How does it work? Let’s say, your employee has received an order from a customer. First of all, he would use a customized immobilizer to run the engine. One would start the journey and our small device, conveniently mounted on e-scooter, will transmit information to real-time tracking software on your computer/phone.

The information would include distance travelled, exact location, geofencing twists, and time spend on the e-scooter. Our high-gain GNSS/GSM antennas and internal flash memory will not let any information slip out of your sight, thus you will benefit from a well-constructed supervision.