Safety hazards and security risks are some of the key problems hotel workers and their employers have to deal with in their daily routines. Luckily, Teltonika Mobility prepared a smart solution as an answer to soring issues.


The hospitality sector is one of the largest socio-economic activities in the world. To illustrate the size of it, there are 9,5 million people working in around 200,000 hotels and 1 million restaurants in the EU. As the world population is growing, the hospitality industry expands every year too. It is expected that the global hospitality market will grow from $3,952.87 billion in 2021 to $4,548.42 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.1%.

Even though the hotel industry is thriving for many years, there are two main problems concerning the safety and security of workers. One of them is violence against employees. An in-depth research in the UK found out that workers in the hospitality industry found that 89% said they had experienced one or more incidents of sexual harassment in their working life. Moreover, 56% of women didn’t feel safe returning to work after workplace sexual harassment or assault, and the overwhelming majority support the implementation of a panic button or similar protection means. 

Another concern is the health of the hotel workers. Compared to all other service sector jobs, hotel workers are nearly 40% more likely to sustain an industrial injury/illness. Thus, it signalizes they are more vulnerable and require more attention. According to the current data, “struck-by” and “falls’’ are among the most common injury causes, accounting for the 23% and 16% respectively.

These injuries also bring large expenses for employers. National Safety Council of the USA calculated that the cost of work injuries was $171.0 billion in 2019, comprising wage and productivity losses of $53.9 billion, medical expenses of $35.5 billion, and administrative expenses of $59.7 billion. Therefore, effective measures protecting hotel workers’ safety are compulsory to avoid potentially burdensome procedures afterwards. 

A company culture that reminds employees (and guests alike) that hotel staff is valued and protected is a win-win way for everyone, and Teltonika Mobility has a proper solution to foster that culture.


Teltonika’s Mini TrackerEASY (TMT250) is a solution that can be seamlessly implemented in the daily work of hotel staff and help to manage their activity. With the help of Bluetooth beacons, an employee can be tracked in real-time as he moves throughout a building on different floors. In case of a common accident like fall down or no movement, an alert can be sent to security guards or administration unit who will know where the assistance should be directed to thus avoid time-wasting and fatal consequences of injuries.

The device can also be used as a panic button in distressing situations. For example, if a hotel worker is threatened or getting sexually abused by another person, the affected person can reach out for help with just one click of a button.



Featured product Mini Tracker Easy

Teltonika TMT250 is an autonomous personal tracker with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity.


Easy to reach alarm button, instant messaging in case of emergency


Automated emergency alarm for no movement scenarios


Low power sensors and BLE Beacon support for various use cases


Dimensions only 44x43x20 mm. It can be easily hidden and work for long hours


Real time monitoring of employee location


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