Optimizing one‘s fleet work to the maximum is one of the key goals for maintenance managers, while predictive maintenance serves as a cost-effective solution to achieve it. Teltonika Mobility has come up with a solution to achieve it.


The operational reliability of a fleet is considered a “must” in the competitive market nowadays. Thus, global demand for predictive maintenance technologies has been growing over the last years and new heights are on the horizon. To illustrate the size of the booming economy, Transparency Market Research calculated that the global automotive predictive maintenance market is expected to reach ~$2,7 billion by 2027, from ~$390 million in 2019.

Manufacturers and fleet owners that conduct their businesses without predictive maintenance are facing several problems. First of all, the equipment used has to be monitored manually which takes a lot of human resources. Secondly, if any abnormality or failure comes up, the business owner not only has to deal with the downtime of equipment but with the downtime of employees too. A study by The Wall Street Journal and Emerson reported that unplanned downtime, which is caused 42% of the time by equipment failure, amounts to an estimated $50 billion per year for industrial manufacturers. Even after production begins again, the costs of interrupting operations continue.

Nevertheless, the advancements of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) proposed an alternative to manual service to minimize the possibility of downtime by using the sensors to store data in the cloud and perform analytics in real-time. Moreover, predictive maintenance can predict future equipment failures. Teltonika Mobility offers a fully-fledged predictive maintenance solution with a TFT100 tracker.


Let’s say you want to have efficient maintenance of your forklift, heavy machinery or another fleet. You get to install TFT100 in your fleet units and can see instant results.

You will be protected from unexpected malfunctions, as our device sends real-time data about your forklift system performance directly to your back-end server and user platform. Any deviations from configured system parameters are reported, thus you will be informed about them and how they would affect the operations in the future. Solving the issue of constructive and timely management of your fleet? Check.

Since our device is provided without software, all the data related to the equipment performance will be kept on your servers.  



REDUCTION OF UNSCHEDULED EQUIPMENT DOWNTIME. Any system failures or malfunctions will not go unnoticed – you will be presented with timely reports.
INCREASED EQUIPMENT LIFESPAN. Imagine, how much time is saved when you know about what needs to be fixed and done with your equipment instead of worrying about unexpected breakdowns.
INCREASED LABOR UTILIZATION. It will be much easier to control your workforce and distribute tasks without fearing potential breakdown.
INCREASED PRODUCTION CAPACITY. Preventing downtime and optimizing maintenance directly leads to a better planning in terms of production.

Featured product E-Forklift Tracker Plus

Small, professional and waterproof tracker for forklifts, E-mopeds and E-scooters with internal high gain GNSS/GSM antennas, Bluetooth, high capacity internal Li-ion battery and 10-97 V power supply range.


CAN, RS232, RS485 & UART interface support depending on chosen modification


Manual CAN and J1939 support for data reading


Water and dust resistant for outdoor integrations (IP67)


Convenient OTA (over-the-air) updating through user-friendly applications


10-97V wide range of power supply voltage for integration variety


Bluetooth for external devices and Low Energy sensors