Sea Container Tracking & Monitoring solution

Sea Container Tracking & Monitoring solution


Due to the growth of globalization and booming international trade, sea container shipping has become one of the key methods of freight transportation. However, an increased containerized cargo flow exposes businesses to a higher theft risk which requires specific countermeasures to protect goods and keep the operations of supply chain intact. For this reason, Teltonika Mobility offers a smart solution to track and monitor your sea containers. 


According to Statista Research Department, sea container shipping volume in 2019 amounted to 800 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs), a noticeable increase from 622 million TEUs in 2012. While global container port throughput is expected to increase by 3.3 per cent in 2020, there is no doubt that container shipping operators and business owners might need to invest more resources in order to maintain non-disruptive, timely-done workflow. 

As well as timely operations, risk management is one of the business-critical aspects that is being taken into account when dealing with valuable assets. Lately, there has been a growing concern about maritime cargo theft risk that is particularly potent when valuable goods are stored in the fixed facilities at ports. In 2018, theft from such facilities features as the fourth-highest risk (13%) ashore, while the cost of cargo theft amounts to over 30 billion dollars annually.

In the face of above-mentioned issues, it is vital for businesses to monitor the safety of sea container at the sea. Luckily, sea containers can be followed and monitored with the help of a smart Teltonika solution.


This technology involves several crucial aspects. Let’s say, there is a shipping container you would like to track. Securely mounted on a container, Teltonika’s TAT100 asset tracking device will transmit the container’s whereabouts once it has GSM connectivity. Hence, on your user online platform (phone, computer etc.) you will instantly receive information when the cargo leaves port A and arrive at port B.  

Secondly, the Bluetooth sensors will ensure theft detection and up-to-the-minute transmission of security alarm. For example, in case of an unauthorized attempt to open a container, the sensors would instantly transmit the signal to the tracking device which would then send the alert to the containers supervising company.

That said, it is very likely that the potential burglars will be caught red-handed even before they touch the goods. Additionally, you can monitor not only the state of a container but also the separate parcels.




We pride ourselves on providing unique solutions and efficient communication with our clients. Thus, this brand new asset tracking device was launched after productive talks with the customers and diligent work behind the scenes. The end result of this – a high-quality Asset tracker that will be a crucial tool to track your valuable goods and protect them from thefts. Our team of professionals will be ready to assist you in the long-run, while clients can also access a wide range of online services Teltonika WIKI and Crowd Support Forum.

Featured product Asset Tracker Easy

Unit is perfect for valuable goods tracking, wire reels, tools, construction equipment, containers, wagons, scissor lifts and many other non-powered assets.


1 report per day - up to 3 years*


Robust, small and easy to install


Water and dust resistant for outdoor integrations (IP68)


Location-based service tracking


Periodic reports and weekly scheduler. Track on spot & in motion


4 mounting options