E-Toll Management systems are now being implemented all over Europe. Greece is implementing a solution that is mounted on the front windshield, Poland provides options of OBU, App or Factory mounted unit, while Germany, France, Ireland are looking forward to quick simplification of the toll collection.


What is E-Toll Management system?

The E-Toll Management system is a shelf modern solution based on GPS positioning technology and GSM signal. It is used for electronic toll collection on selected segments of motorways, expressways and national roads. With such a solution, one can easily calculate the exact distance travelled. Consequently, this could be considered as a pay-per-km model.

On what vehicles E-TOLL system can be applied?

1. A vehicle or a combination of vehicles with a maximum permissible weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes
2. A bus of any maximum permissible weight with +9 seats are required to pay e-tolls for driving on toll roads

What is the European Electronic Toll Collection Service (EETS)?

EETS is a European initiative based on the experience of similar projects at regional level. The main goal of the EU was to standardize the methods of collecting fees and open the market to external companies offering users competitive conditions. In this regard, both Toll Collectors and EETS Providers rely on:

- Directive (EU) 2019/520 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 March 2019 and its Acts - Executive and Delegated

- Directive 2004/52/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004 together with Commission Decision of 6 October 2009

The European Electronic Toll Collection Service is a tool aimed at achieving the goal of European interoperability. The concept of European interoperability should be understood as enabling users to pay tolls for toll roads in the European Union under one contract concluded with the EETS Provider and using one piece of On-Board Equipment (OBE), via a free application installed on their mobile device; via an external location system, factory mounted in their vehicle (ELS).

How Teltonika Mobility is contributing to this?

Monitoring of drivers on the road and their payment for road tolls can now be achieved with the fully-fledged solution of the electronic toll management device. Teltonika‘s E-Toll Management Badge (GH5200) eliminates the need to pay taxes manually on the e-toll website as well as the need for any other devices. Possessing a highly accurate GNSS connectivity, the device automatically sends relevant information about the driver’s whereabouts and the existent payment to the e-toll management system. Distributed and attached to each driver individually, the device can be used in different vehicles and mounted easily allowing flexible use. Five pre-programmed buttons on the E-Toll Management Badge also allows the functions of having a call with relevant contacts, asking for help in case of emergency. The solution is already used by our partners Navifleet in Poland. Click here to find out more.

Simple set up

Easy preparation and simple set-up – this is what we are ready to provide. The unit can be factory fitted with a SIM card and as well provided with a data plan. Thus, in this case, we would even lower the set-up time even before you get the units.

Take a closer look at our solution here

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