In the face of COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most emerging and sensitive problems is an increasing rate of violence against women. According to the United Nations, male violence continues to rise during the coronavirus crisis, as more female victims have to stay at home with their offenders during lockdowns. The latest UN figures show that 137 women across the world are killed every day by a partner or member of their own family.

This issue is highly visible in Mexico, where women are being killed at record rates. According to the government’s data, since the stay-at-home requirement was announced in the spring of 2020, there has been an increase in femicides. Unfortunately, April appeared to be the deadliest month in the last five years. There were 267 murders of women recorded and the numbers continued to grow. From January to October in 2020, 777 cases of intentional homicide against women were registered at the national level.

Our partner, Report Now Telecomunicaciones, has reacted to this issue and launched “Pulso de vida” (i.e. “Pulse of life”) program that is designed for the safety of women. In regards to protecting women against violence, the company has created a solution with Teltonika’s Personal Tracker TMT250. Women that are found to be at a high risk of abuse are supplied with our tracking device to receive urgent help in case of an accident. If the woman detects a threat, she can immediately press the SOS button. The alert gets recorded on the software together with the location details of a victim. In this way, the Police Forces can react and provide immediate help.


Report Now Telecomunicaciones is a Mexican company, developing business and social location tracking solutions. According to the company’s CEO, Julio César Magaña, the TMT250 tracker is beneficial for the purpose of ensuring female security.

“The device proves to be an effective solution because of its small size, precision and stability. TMT250 is very stable in terms of transmission of information, positions, alerts. For these reasons we consider the device viable for smooth operation of Pulse of Life program” - Mr Magaña explained.

We are honored to share the news that 334 units will be implemented in Naucalpan, one of the most affected states in Mexico, by January 2021. According to Mr Magaña, there is a lot of interest for the solution with TMT250 tracker, as the long-standing problem continues to grow and requires smart solutions. The company has already received inquiries to provide the solution to other cities of Mexico.

Meanwhile, Teltonika Mobility team will be ready to offer prompt assistance to Report Now Telecomunicaciones in providing the production to ensure women’s safety in Mexico.