Teltonika Smart Autonomous Solutions (SAS), a part of Teltonika IoT group, is delighted to announce the change of brand identity and the new name – Teltonika Mobility.

The rebranding of the SAS business niche mirrors our always-growing focus on innovative and trusted solutions in the three business segments: asset tracking, personal tracking, and electric mobility. 

Commenting on the new rebranding, Martynas Osauskas, CEO of Teltonika Telemedic and Teltonika Mobility, said: “Over the last three years, we’ve grown from one of the smallest divisions at Teltonika IoT group to a real and profitable force in the market. Having started from the Micro-Mobility unit, now we are successfully operating in three business segments, bringing state-of-the-art solutions to clients in more than 100 countries. Therefore, the new name Mobility and rebranding appropriately reflects our commitment to mobility solutions and will be instrumental in expanding our operations in the relevant fields as well adding more business segments related to mobility. We are confident that this is the right step in ensuring further development of our business verticals.

For us, the next target in upcoming year is to add smart sensors as a business segment to the current ones - asset trackers, electric mobility, personal trackers. This will expand our reach to even more customers all over the world. The sensors will be designed to monitor fragile goods such as the temperature of vaccines while its being delivered, valuable assets with sensitive crash detection or track the load of the trash container.“

Gediminas Mikalainis, Chief Marketing Officer at Teltonika Mobility, added: “We have grown and tailored our devices and services to suit unique needs of clients. However, Smart Autonomous Solutions was not a name that adequately suited our operations and, at the same time, it was not a name that is easily remembered. Our brand is used by many of our clients to build trust towards their customers, and a simpler name Mobility will be an even stronger trust mark for our customers in the future and carry our main strengths. We position ourselves for significant growth, and we intend to shape the future of Mobility solutions, therefore, the change of name was necessary since it will effectively communicate the nature of our business to the partners, clients and other people”.

Being closer to the clients is one of our top priorities, and it involves many aspects, brand’s name is the crucial one. Our goal has always been to help our clients implement IoT solutions that would not only make their businesses more efficient, but more successful.

As Teltonika Mobility ventures down this exciting new road, the changes are moving full steam ahead. The name change and new visual identity are effective from May 27, 2021 on the website, our LinkedIn platform, WIKI and other communication channels. The rebranding will not affect or delay any current or future orders of Teltonika Mobility products.

In terms of business segments, Teltonika Mobility operates in the fields of micro-mobility, asset tracking and personal tracking.

As regards electric-mobility, our professional trackers provide smart IoT solutions for urban cities, covering food delivery, free-floating, corporate sharing and many other solutions, empowered by the use of e-scooters, kick e-scooters and e-bikes, not forgetting the wide array of heavy electric machinery. With regard to asset tracking, Teltonika Mobility trackers ensure top solutions for the monitoring of non-powered assets (valuable construction equipment, containers, trailers wire reels, tools) and enhanced prevention from theft. Finally, our personal trackers bring effective solutions in terms of telecare, workforce monitoring and safety assurance for employees all over the world.