New mobilities challenges

New mobilities challenges Smart Autonomous Solutions team would like to pull out new mobilities topic to the daylight, especially e-scooter sharing and compare it with the standard transportation using vehicles.

We made a quick experiment by measuring a trip time to the work and back. In the summer time when city is not crowned it takes approximately 30 minutes driving by a car. In general we are spending 2% of whole day time and of course paying 100% of the vehicle and insurance price. What are the other issues of the car owner apart from overpayment for usage? We can speak about the money spent for the car maintenance, parking problems in the crowded areas or city centers, restrictions because of air pollution etc. Furthermore Madrid, Oslo, Hamburg, Mexico and few more cities already changing the legislation to ban vehicles from city centers and allow only electric transport.

In the past year investors placed big amounts of money into e-scooter sharing companies. Over 1.5 billion investments allow those companies grow fast and spread all around the world. As Berg Insight writes in their review: The number of scooters available from scooter sharing services will at the same time grow at a CAGR of 138 percent from 14,400 at the end of 2017 to 2.6 million vehicles in 2023.

The number of e-scooter rides grows very fast. There are some beliefs that this bubble will blow early but those companies are proving that micro-mobility is only the first step and has a bright future.These are the pioneer sharing companies which came already or are coming this year to the market as a start-ups with high goals. Some of them already became billion-dollar enterprises with the funds they raised.

Over 20 years Teltonika became the leading company in telematics hardware production for vehicles and heavy-duty machinery with over 8,5 million devices sold in more than 150 countries. This year we have created a new Smart Autonomous Solutions department, because we see that „of the shelf solutions“ not always fit the needs of our partners. After requests from different companies for scooter tracking device we are presenting sophisticated solution for electric kick scooter sharing platforms - TST100.

This device is created combining all the requirements and functionalities that came from all those companies to make their life easier starting from easy device management, well-built waterproof case to telemetry data and remote scooter control. New technologies need to be user friendly and easy to integrate

Check out TST100 device.