poe-adapter(power over Ethernet) compliant with IEEE 802.3af – 2003
magnetic_card_reader+5 V output, Magnetic card reader support
battery-life1 year of battery life sending records once per day
1-wire1-Wire® interface to monitor temperature data and RFID/iButton tags
lan3 x Ethernet LAN ports, 10/100 Mbps
ethernet4x Ethernet ports with VLAN functionality
configurable-buttons5 configurable buttons
wave2-wifi802.11ac Dual Band Wave2 WiFi
9-96v9-96 V wide range of power supply voltage for integration variety
micro-sdAdditional micro SD card slot for records storing
advanced-can-dataAdvanced solution which reads more than 100 parameters
alarm-buttonAlarm button immediately sends notification in case of emergency
quality-of-lifeAll devices come pre-registered
batteryAllows device to work without external power source
obdiiAllows reading CAN bus data from vehicle ECU
obd-dongleAllows reading CAN bus data from vehicle ECU via Bluetooth
usb-port-slotsAllows to charge 10 GH5200 devices at the same time
3g-4gAutomatic failover switch between multiple internet sources for highest reliability cases
wan-failoverAutomatic switch to available backup connection
bluetoothBluetooth for external devices and Low Energy sensors
sensorBuilt-in accelerometer for accurate crash trace data
accelerometerBuilt-in Accelerometer sensor for more accurate data about movement
electric-vehiclesCAN data reading and control of electric vehicles
agriculture-transportCAN data reading from agriculture transport
busesCAN data reading from buses and coaches
vehiclesCAN data reading from light vehicles
special-transportCAN data reading from special transport
trucksCAN data reading from trucks
ecuCAN data reading from vehicles and specialized transport
can-rs232-rs485-uartCAN, RS232, RS485, UART support depending on chosen modification
ip67Classifies the degree of protection against solid objects and water
ip65Classifies the degree of protection against solid objects and water
comfortableComfortable to wear design
smallCompact size, easy integration
universal-ioConfigurable DIN/AIN for flexible remote monitoring and control
bridgeConnect your end device directly to the internet by using bridge mode
otaConvenient OTA (over-the-air) updating through user-friendly applications
crash-detectionCrash detection functionality working according accelerometer data
device-accessDevice access without public IP address
ethernet-cableDevice can be powered over Ethernet port but it is not compliant with IEEE 802.3af-2003 standard
live-viewDevice can display life video footage
micro-snd-recordingDevice can record video footage to microSD card
usb-2-0Device is accessible and configurable via USB
wimax-wave-2Device is compliant with IEE802.16e-2005 WiMAX Wave 2
device-supportDevice support both 3G and 4G connectivity
lte-m1-nbDevice support both LTE M1 and NB IoT connectivity
ping-rebootDevice takes appropriate action if it cannot ping specific IP address
resolution-controlDevice video resolution can be changed
ioDigital Input/Output for remote monitoring and control
extra-smallDimensions only 44x43x20 mm. It can be easily hidden and work for long hours
mobile-applicationDownload the RMS app on iOS/Android for easy monitoring while on the move
2-simDual SIM – significantly reduce roaming costs
dnsDynamic DNS - use static hostname instead of a dynamic IP addresses
basic-can-dataEasily get basic parameters such as mileage, fuel level, etc.
can-dataEasily get basic parameters such as mileage, fuel level, etc.
nfcEasy configuration with dedicated mobile application via NFC
easyEasy to use
rutosEasy to use, secure and feature rich OpenWrt based Operating System
eco-drivingEco driving score
outdoor-casingEnclosure which keeps device outside safely
outdoorEnclosure which lets keep device outside safely. To keep device in safe temperature range heater and cooler is used
processorEnhanced processor
ethernet-interfaceEthernet interface
external-antennaExternal antenna used for Iridium connectivity
external-gnssExternal GNSS antenna extends mounting options
wan-backupExternal SIM slot let’s you insert or change SIM card with relative ease, and the device will connect to the network right away without any need of reboot
6-30vExternal voltage range
find-locationFind your vehicle‘s location on your smartphone
firmware-configFirmware and configuration update
fotaFirmware and configuration update over FOTA
cloudFirmware and configuration update via FOTA
flexibleFlexible system
androidFree Android App enables handy RMS access on the move
fuel-monotoringFuel monitoring via LLS sensor gives ability to monitor highly accurate fuel level and temperature.
geofencingGeofencing allows to mark zones and<br>send notifications in case of zone breach
inside-trackingGet a live tracking information from inside the buildings with the help of BLE beacons
4x-gigabitGigabit Ethernet with speeds up to 1000 Mbps
gpsGNSS positioning with geofencing functionality
grouping-devicesGrouping devices by companies
historyHistory of actions with devices
ignitionIgnition detection (sleep mode)
statisticImprove overall performance and efficiency of all devices in your fleet
impuls-inputImpulse inputs for fuel flow meters data reading
tamper-alertInstantly sends the notification when the bracelet has been breached
ip65IP65 Classifies the degree of protection against solid objects and water
ip68IP68 Classifies the degree of protection against solid objects and water
wimaxIt is a broadband wireless data communications technology based around the IEE 802.16 standard providing high speed data over a wide area
ip54Limited protection against dust ingress. Protected against splash water from any direction
battery-lifetimeLong battery life time, up to 5 years
large-rangeLong transmission range, up to 500 meters (open field)
ble-beacon-supportLow power sensors and BLE Beacon support for various use cases
lte-cat1LTE Cat 1 for M2M/IoT communications
lte-cat-4LTE Cat 4 with speeds up to 150 Mbps
mountingMagnetic, strap and additional holder mounting possibilities
man-downMan-down feature. Used to detect fall down event
data-readingManual CAN and J1939 support for data reading
settingsMultiple device configuration/updates
multiple-devicesMultiple devices support
vpnMultiple secure VPN services
negative-inputNegative input will allow easier installation of accessories
not-stretchableNot stretchable ankle strap
open-linuxOpenLinux based OS allows high software customisation
plugandplayPlug and play installation - simply plug in the device and start tracking
poePower over Ethernet port (not compliant with IEEE 802.3af-2003)
safe-to-useProtection of short circuit, over load, over current and over-temperature
arm-processorQuad core ARM Cortex A7 CPU, 717 MHz
live-trackingReal time monitoring of employee location
notificationsReal time notifications. Unified across platforms
4gReliable 4G connection with fallback to 3G network
car-open-doorRemote door lock control
tachographRemote tachograph data download
reportsReports to handle your fleet efficiently (Driven distance, Trip stops, Fuel tank, work time, etc.)
trip-historyReview your vehicle‘s trip history
RF-communicationRF communication
easy-to-installRobust, small and easy to install
rs232RS232 is an industrial standard for serial communication
rs-standardRS232/RS485 serial communication interfaces
rs485RS485 - industrial differential serial communication
long-termRUT850 can be used either in light vehicles or buses, trucks and other heavy transport, which utilizes 24V battery
schedulesSchedules for automatic tacho data download
zero-cdSelf install, no CD required
diagnosticsSimplified maintenance and diagnostics
designed-forSlots are specially made to fit GH5200 devices
portableSmall size 210x140x29.5 mm. The device is designed for comfortable usage
sdkSoftware development kit. Development tool that allows the creation of own applications instead of basic firmware functionality
lte-cat-6Support LTE Cat 6 up to 300 Mbps
synchronized-recordsSynchronized records sending and wake-up scenarios
vlanTag based virtual LAN network support
tamper-break-detectionTamper/Break detection
rmsTeltonika Remote Management System compatible
tool-tipsTool tips with parameters descriptions
iridiumTransfer data to server via Iridium satellite network
voice-callTwo - way voice communication
across-platformsUnified across platforms
vibrationVibration resistant FAKRA connectors
waterproofWater and dust resistant for outdoor integrations (IP67)
wifi-867Wave-2 802.11ac Dual Band WiFi with speeds up to 867Mbits/s
web-fotaWEB FOTA - Manage and update your devices in a web-based portal
10-97vWide power supply voltage range for integration variety (10-97 V)
8-50vWide power supply voltage range for integration variety (8-50 V)
9-30vWide range of power supply voltages
9-50vWide range of power supply voltages for simpler integration
covidWide temperature range of -80°C to 200°C, for COVID-19 vaccines use cases
antennaWiMAX antenna is mounted in the device's hardware enclosure
ieeeWiMAX technology standard
firewallWiMAX Wave 2 standard
wifiWireless Access Point with Hotspot functionality
3gWorldwide 3G network coverage
securityYour routers will not be dependent on having a public IP address for remote access, decreasing maintenance costs and increasing effectiveness