The agriculture sector continues to be a driving force in large parts of the world. With millions of employees on the bill, it is not surprising that agriculture companies sometimes run into troubles related to the breach of workers’ duties or safety. However, there is a way to improve workforce efficiency.


The importance of the agriculture sector has never diminished in the modern world. It is the main provider of food supply and livestock. With a projected global population increase of 25% in the next 20 years, the sector will grow further.

In terms of figures, in Europe, 4,2 % (9.7 million) of all working labour work in agriculture sector. Meanwhile, the Latin America and the Caribbean has approx. 13,71% of people working in the sector. In Africa, there are an estimated 33 million smallholder farms, and the farmers that live on them contribute up to 70% of the food supply. Million of people and a dozen of countries are dependent on agriculture, since it provides jobs and enhances gross domestic product.

It would be no lie to say that farm owners or agriculture companies have a lot on their hands. One of them is the protection of workers that still presents a challenge even in 2021. Recently, during extreme heatwaves in Oregon (U.S.), a farmworker has died, as other employees noticed that the worker was missing after some time and then it became too late to save him. A similar case occurred in 2020 when a farmworker in Spain also died of extreme heat. Working on farmland may be dangerous due to risky events, such as: falling from heights, being struck by an object, by trying to fix machinery without supervision. All of them can lead to hard financial and moral consequences for an employer.

Moreover, farm owners have to deal with employees stealing their goods. For example, just recently reports surfaced about a man who took his employer’s gravity wagon full of grain, worth $94,000, and sold it to a local co-op under false pretenses. Another case dealt with two employees, accused of stealing $500,000 worth of hay paid for by a dairy farm and delivering the grain to other farms to resell. Preventing employees from theft would be possible if there were certain monitoring measures implemented.

Another problem the agriculture sector has to deal with is check-in and check-out work time. It was reported that, for example, 75 percent of companies lose money due to buddy punching, a practice where one employee clocks in for another. Thus, the effectiveness of even one shift can drastically change the results if there is accountability and smart allocation of employees across the workplace.

Teltonika Mobility has prepared a solution to safeguard employees and improve business efficiency. All of this revolves around the use of WORKER BADGEPLUS (GH5200).


Say you are the owner of a large farm with hundreds or thousands of employees on your bill. You distribute a Worker Badge for each of your employees. First, it ensures a certain level of safety for the worker. If he feels unwell, he may ask for help by clicking on a pre-programmed SOS button that sends a notification for your business. While working alone, there is a number of events that may happen to a sick worker, for example, he falls and doesn’t move. The Worker Badge would react to these scenarios and initiate an emergency call to authorities or supervising persons. Also, the worker himself can make a call with just one click of a button.

Secondly, the solution would help to track your employees’ movements and ensure there is no waste of time during their work period. No paperwork or micromanaging is needed when a supervising person can monitor the check-in and check-out times of an employee and see one’s movement around the farm site.

Accurate geofencing allows the farm owner to allocate team members across different field areas and match productivity between teams depending on personal productivity scores. Moreover, the feature allows checking if workers haven’t entered areas that are prohibited even for a personal use. Thus, if the theft occurs, there is a high chance that the offender would be caught.



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