Amber alert solution for lone workers

Amber alert solution for lone workers


Imagine you run an electricity network company, and on a typical day, you ask for the employee to go to a remote premise to fix ruined electric cables. He almost finishes his task, but the slippery floor makes him fall down and pass out. When you haven’t heard from him the next day, you start calling him, but there is no answer. After getting no news from his peers or family, you sent someone to look for him at the premise, but it’s already too late. Such cases may occur if employers do not ensure safety for people who work alone, and firm solutions are necessary to save oneself from tough aftermaths.


According to the latest Berg Insight report, there were around 53 million lone workers in United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and the United States combined. It’s been decades since laws for lone workers protection found its way into the legislation of countries like France, Spain, Canada and Germany. However, it seems that safeguarding remains a sensitive issue.

Different types of lone workers face challenging work environment. Visiting engineers, care workers, door-to-door salesmen, social workers are all exposed to the risks of hazardous environment, theft, assault or violence from the public. In the United Kingdom alone, as many as 150 lone workers are being attacked daily, as provided by British Crime Survey statistics.

After all, legal, financial and public consequences of fatality or injury can be a very harsh procedure to endure for the employer. For example, in 2017 Brent City Council was fined £100,000 after a vulnerable child’s mother attacked two social workers visiting her house to carry out a child safety assessment. A year earlier, a manufacturing company in Hemel Hapstead has been slapped with a £1million fine after a worker was crushed to death by falling machinery while working alone. Thus, accidents of this nature carry a significant financial burden for the companies employing lone workers.

One of the criteria establishing the protection of such workers is remote monitoring that can be achieved by the use of GPS trackers. However, lone workers usually work in the areas where GPS signal is not available or they visit multi-floor buildings, which means that in those areas it is difficult to identify the exact location of a person.

Luckily, Teltonika has found the way ready to help companies to protect lone workers with the freshly baked functionality of personal tracker GH5200 and smart Amber Alert solution.


Our GH5200 personal GPS tracker can be used as an ID badge holder, which makes device discrete to use by lone workers, although at first glance one would not be able to recognize that GH5200 is something different from casual ID holder.

Let’s say, your employee is set to enter a dangerous or hazardous location. Upon doing that, he uses the Amber Alert function to record the exact location and planned time of his activity. If a worker presses the alarm button or the timer runs out, an emergency call is initiated. With the help of GH5200 and Amber Alert function, companies will be able to locate the exact whereabouts of employees and help them in crucial moments. Also, the Alarm button would help those employees who come up against the assault or violence in their workplace.

Additionally, GH5200 has several other functions that make lone workers more secure and protected. Man-down and no-movement detection would send alert to the Emergency Center, whereas the two-way voice communication allows to flexibly and instantly transmit the message for a worker in trouble. GH5200 has normal and loudspeaker modes for transmitting voice. You can switch mode by pressing button or set it in configuration




Keep the most valuable resource – employees – of your company safe with our solution. Over 15 years of experience in providing tracking and safety solutions, long-term trust from the partners and rapid development has made Teltonika a solid leader in the IoT market. We intend to keep that bar high. We value every client, just write us a message and see why.

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