Vehicle theft for long years has been a prevalent problem around the world. As millions of people and rental companies suffer heavy damages from vehicle theft, the issue requires modern solutions. Teltonika Mobility has come with the one that helps to prevent these losses.


In recent years the car leasing market has been booming. Owing to the increased burden of costs for maintenance, fuel and taxes, it is no surprise that people are shifting from the perspective of owning a car to vehicle leasing.

Boosted by the surging rate of consumers of low spending power, the car leasing business is even expected to grow. Latest reports from Statista indicate that the number of car rental users will reach record highs in 2022 (464.2 million) with further years projecting even higher numbers.

Although car leasing companies may be happy with the increasing demand for their services, simultaneously, they have to face the threat of car thefts. In recent years car rental services have been experiencing thefts even at the airports that usually appears to be one of the safest places. For example, Denver International Airport has reported that at least 520 cars have been reported stolen so far this year from the airport and the surrounding lot. The reports of stolen vehicles from the airports also surfaced from other places like Hawaii, Chicago and others.

Auto thefts have dramatically increased over the COVID-19 pandemic with joblessness, changes in law enforcement, a spike of metal prices and overall economic downturn becoming key factors for the growing issue. It was estimated that 7.4 billion dollars were lost to vehicle theft in 2020, while the same year recorded a 10.9 per cent jump in theft from 2019 in the USA. To illustrate it, 810,400 vehicles stolen amounted to the highest annual number of thefts since 2008. 

To combat the problem, car leasing companies attempt to use a variety of methods, one of the most popular are GPS tracking systems wired to the vehicle internal circuits. However, thieves are getting smarter and use jamming devices to eliminate the GPS signal.    Meanwhile, Teltonika Mobility has come up with a smart non-wired solution in Asset TrackerEASY (TAT100) to help businesses effectively cope with the problem.


For the solution to work, one needs to hide TAT100 somewhere in a vehicle. In accordance with configuration, the autonomous tracker operates in a sleep mode for the majority of the time. Since sleep mode denotes less frequent data transmission, the tracker is more difficult to detect for criminals who usually employ jamming tools.

In case of theft, an owner of a vehicle reconfigures the tracker’s working settings, essentially enabling the recovery mode. With highly accurate GPS positioning in place, TAT100 sends the data about the vehicle’s location at shorter intervals.



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