Over the last years, electric scooter sharing services have become one of the key phenomena in the electric-mobility niche. Industry players are still looking for the most efficient means to manage their operations, and we have just the right solution to accustom to your needs.


The recent decade has seen a new trend of people switching from conventional scooters and bikes to electric ones, choosing an environmental-friendly and cheaper method of transportation. E-scooters have spread across major cities worldwide, and their popularity can be illustrated by the fact that in 2022 there were already 82 million users worldwide. According to Statista, the number of users will reach 125.4 million by 2026.

In the on-demand electric-mobility economy, e-scooter sharing is booming. Revenue in the E-Scooter-sharing segment is projected to reach $1,752.00 million in 2022, while it is also predicted it will show an annual growth rate of 13.5% growth rate, resulting in a projected value of $2,888.00m by 2026.

The adoption of battery-powered technology, governmental initiatives in emission regulations, and urban congestion are likely to propel the growth of e-scooter sharing services. Needless to say, the competition in this market has also reached new heights, and it is now essential to equip with the best tools to track and manage your fleet. That’s where our solution comes into the game.


If you are dealing with a large fleet of E-scooters, Teltonika Mobility’s TFT100 device is the key to your smart vehicle monitoring. The advanced 2G GNSS tracker grants the best possible coverage and very reliable connectivity in providing the exact location of a driver, while highly-calibrated telemetry allows retrieving information on distance travelled and speeding.

Keeping an effective E-scooter performance is also essential to your daily fleet operations. That’s why TFT100 is crucial in this regard, as our implemented protocols for multiple different brands, as well as communication specific features allow users to both – control and read data (battery level, maintenance issues) from their E-Scooters.

To know where your fleet is and prevent potential theft, geofences can be used. These are the virtual boundaries of the desired perimeter – once crossed, a pre-defined notification (alarm buzzer, SMS, etc.) will be activated.



Featured product E-Scooter Tracker Plus

Nedidelis, profesionalus ir vandeniui atsparus seklys, pritaikytas krautuvams, elektriniams mopedams ir elektriniams motoroleriams. „High-gain“ GNSS, GSM antenos, Bluetooth ryšys, didelės talpos Li-ion baterija ir 10-97 V maitinimo įtampos diapazonas.


CAN, RS232, RS485 & UART interface support depending on modification


Manual CAN and J1939 support for data reading


Water and dust resistant for outdoor integrations (IP67)


Convenient OTA (over-the-air) updating through user-friendly applications


10-97V wide range of power supply voltage for integration variety


Bluetooth for external devices and Low Energy sensors