Over last year, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought drastic changes to the lives of almost any individual or business. Physical distance, wearing masks, and other precautions have become obligatory in the workplace.

Many businesses have reshuffled their usual work routine and adapted certain measures for a safe work management. For example, a dozen of companies implemented the social distancing solution offered by Teltonika’s GH5200 autonomous personal tracker. Boosted by a smart alarm function, it helps to control the physical distance between the employees, while the tracker also ensures easy data access and tracking of dangerous contacts. 

The tracker, which also serves as a worker badge, is easy to maintain and recharge. When an employee ends his daily work, he checks off by delivering the device to a charging room. The device then requires plugging to a USB port and disinfection.

Usually, companies have employees responsible for disinfection and recharging of device. Naturally, that requires more resources and may be not as fully effective as it could be. But what about charging 100 or even 200 devices at once without additional manpower? Seamtrack, our valued partner that provides services for smart workforce management, has come up with an even better solution that saves time and eliminates manual labour when dealing with recharging and disinfecting of GH5200 devices.


Instead of having a separate room for charging and disinfecting GH5200, a smart station would handle that for you with a minimal human effort. Let’s project the situation: your employee finishes the shift, opens the station and puts GH5200 into accustomed spot. When collected, the machine performs an Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection on your tracker. No chemicals are needed for such disinfection, and the unit would be ready to use within seconds. 

At the same time, your device will be powered up with the help of magnetic charging mode. The procedure won’t require a manual plugging to the USB port, as the tracker would only need a correct placement.

Upon starting his next shift, an employee would open the station and find his tracker disinfected and charged. 

Crucially, by fitting hundreds of such devices into one station, a business owner would save money and time without using man-force to perform manual disinfection and charging.




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