Tracking systems for offenders are gradually becoming a sought-after product in many countries. Because of overcrowded prisons and expenses, authorities create laws for the tracking of people on parole or minor offenders. As the market grows further, there is a growing need for quality solutions, and Teltonika Mobility has prepared one. 


The growing world population brings more challenges for different countries all over the world when dealing with incarceration issues. According to UNODC data, between 2000 and 2019, the number of prisoners grew by more than 25 per cent. What is more worrying is the fact that prison overcrowding is widespread all over the world. Of the 100 countries and territories for which UNODC has data on prison capacity and prison occupancy, in roughly half of all countries prison systems are operating at more than 100 per cent of their intended capacity.

Naturally, the crowded prisons become a heavy burden for criminal justice systems. It can take years and large amounts of financial resources to build and staff new prisons, while, at the same, it costs a lot to supervise the surplus of prisoners. 

Thus, it is not a surprise that countries have started to look for solutions to relieve themselves of these costs. One of the answers to this problem is electronic monitoring (EM) systems – GPS or RF – that are perfectly suited for the monitoring of minor offenders on parole. For example, the calculations of the UK Government suggest that the daily cost of GPS tags comes at £22-24 per offender, while housing someone in prison costs about £90. Another example comes from La Crosse County in the U.S, where it was found that EM costs $6 daily per offender, while jail is $83. The evidence shows that EM may be considered as a significantly more cost-effective alternative to short-term imprisonment.

EM can be also considered as a viable solution for cutting down the reoffending rates. According to a study conducted by the IZA Institute of Labor Economics (2019), electronic monitoring reduces reoffending within 24 months by 16 percentage points compared to serving a prison sentence. The study suggests that criminal justice costs are reduced by around $30,000 for each eligible offender who serves their sentence under electronic monitoring rather than in prison.

Last but not least, EM measures are less restrictive than being incarcerated, and they also allow the offenders to continue having jobs and personal relationships, be together with their families. That helps to stabilize the individuals and reduce their criminal behaviour. Teltonika Mobility has come with the solution of Offender Tracker that is perfectly suited for the monitoring of parolees.


Our solution is a perfect tool to track parolees, especially those who try to breach their parole conditions. Let‘s say, there is an offender who needs to be monitored. The parolee is handed the Offender Tracker, which is worn on the ankle. 

Depending on circumstances, the parolees are permitted to travel only to particular places: from home to work, treatment/rehabilitation centres or community services. With the help of geofencing and accelerometer sensors, the parolee movement and potential breaches of the pre-defined zones can be monitored. The device periodically sends accurate data about the offender‘s location to the real-time platform where a parole officer can track all the activity. The motion in Home Zone can be monitored using Bluetooth beacons, meanwhile, GPS tracking and geofencing are employed when the user is outside of Home Zone.

If the offender attempts to tamper or remove the tracker for any reason, the Tamper detection sends an immediate alert to the police who receive immediate notification and details of the offender‘s location. 

It is also designed for comfortable usage – the water-resistant case allows you to use the device outdoors or in the shower. Finally, the handy alarm button assists the offender to call for help in case of emergency.



Featured product Offender Tracker

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