People love their pets. And the biggest nightmare comes when a beloved dog or cat goes missing, and no one knows where they are. Luckily, Teltonika Mobility has come up with a tracking solution that gives the ability for people to track their pets.


Needless to say, pets are a human’s best friends or at least one of the closest companions from ancient times and this is still the case nowadays. According to recent data provided by Statista, in 2018, there were 471 million dogs and 373 million cats kept as pets worldwide.

Owning a pet, however, is a long-term commitment, and it comes with responsibilities. Safety is among those. Unfortunately, lost pets can be considered an issue the guardians have to deal with regularly. A research study on lost pet rates found that between 11-16% of dogs and 12-18% of cats are likely to go missing at least once in five years.

Meanwhile, ASPCA‘s latest survey (that included 1015 households that owned a pet) suggested that only 85% of lost dogs and cats were recovered. Though the percentage of retrieved pets is high, the number of guardians who didn‘t find their pets is still considerably high. 

Pets can go missing quickly, whether through an open door or gate at home or after being scared by loud noises. All of this can be a frightening experience for both pets and their owners. The chances of finding a pet within 24 hours are about 90%, and it goes down to about 55 to 65% after 24 hours. Thus, every hour matters when it comes to retrieving your four-legged friend.

It is important to mention that looking for a lost pet can take a lot of time and human resources, while a successful outcome can not be taken for granted. Some guardians implant a microchip underneath their pet’s skin, such a tool may help if a pet is found by someone who has a scanner to read the ID. However, the microchip does not track the location of a pet.  Fortunately, there is a reliable and time-saving alternative, offered by Teltonika Mobility, that can be used instead of a typical search and bring satisfactory outcomes for pet owners


Complemented with a simple accessory, Teltonika’s TMT250 serves as a Pet Tracker for a constant pet’s location monitoring. Since the device is small, it can be easily mounted on a dog’s neck together with his collar. Let’s say, you are a dog owner, and you want to know if your furry friend is in the home zone. The tracker checks every 5 seconds for a connection with the plugged-in Home Bluetooth Beacons (placed inside the home or near it) and would send an instant alarm if your dog leaves the geofenced zone.

When a dog is outside of the home zone and is walking with you on a leash, the tracker connects with the leash beacon. In the case of a dog running away from home or the owner, the GPS tracking mode is automatically enabled and the instant alarm is sent to the online platform on your computer or smartphone. 

Since the tracker is based on a formidable 2G cellular connectivity used almost everywhere, you can track your dog’s whereabouts very easily and in real-time. 

If a dog runs away, you will have time to find it – the tracker works for at least 12hours on tracking mode. Additionally, no bad weather conditions would be a threat to the connection or operating mode, since the tracker has an IP67 waterproof rating.



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Teltonika TMT250 is an autonomous personal tracker with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity.


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Low power sensors and BLE Beacon support for various use cases


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