Failure to comply with the rules to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) in the workplace may result in various accidents. Ensuring the monitoring of employees may prevent harsh consequences, and Teltonika Mobility has just an excellent solution for it.


Wearing PPE is an indispensable part of workers‘ routine in the construction and road industries, as well as in the manufacturing and heavy industries. Safety rules require employees to wear PPE, as it is adequate to protect the worker from specific hazards and injuries. PPE includes clothing, helmets, goggles, face shields and other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body.

However, sometimes the equipment is not worn at all, or it is worn not properly. That can lead to significant injuries. The latest research into the risks associated with PPE-related accidents suggested that major injury accidents in the construction and agricultural industries account for around 40% of the total number of PPE-related accidents. No PPE and PPE not used are the most common reasons for workplace injuries.

Injuries and other accidents also assume a huge financial burden – the overall PPE-related accidents was estimated to be around £252m. Particularly, failure to consider PPE resulted in costs of around £49m, whilst PPE not being used resulted in costs of around £65m. These losses punish both the employer and a state, requiring solutions to eliminate the problem. 

The main problem related to the use of PPE is that there is no control mechanism to watch over the non-complying employees, except for visual supervision. Nevertheless, inadequate manual supervision can be replaced with smart Teltonika Mobility and Blue Up IoT solution to check on workers in real-time.


Let’s say you manage a set of employees on a construction site and you want to save time checking on them in flesh. You distribute a Worker BadgePLUS (GH5200), a Teltonika Mobility tracker, to every worker to check their activity. The personal tracker, which is placed on an operator, connects to the BlueUp BlueBeacon Slim Tag on the safety device and checks if the worker has all the required protective equipment.

GH5200 regularly performs a scan for the configured beacons around the area, thus the shift supervisor and the employee himself can be notified about the absence of PPE. In this way, one can prevent fatal injuries in the workplace, and the solution would bring proof if someone is injured without PPE on themselves.

Our tracker comes to aid when a worker falls or does not move for a particular period of time. An instant alert is produced, and the responsible people can react quickly in the event of an emergency.



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