Simple Asset Tracking

Simple Asset Tracking

Protecting assets from theft or when they are on the road nowadays has become a “must” procedure for every business. Teltonika Mobility has prepared a solution that can save a lot of money for those who are concerned with asset inventory management.


Many people, businesses or government institutions own assets of some kind. They come in various forms and shapes, from construction tools and wire reels to computer equipment and furniture. Some of them have a limited time span, other need to be delivered as soon as possible. Consequently, asset owners have to manage assets in different ways.

In recent years there was a growing concern over the security of assets worldwide. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020, thefts from warehouses and other storage facilities grew worldwide. For example, in Europe, there was a substantial increase in thefts from warehouses. According to the 2020 Annual Cargo Theft Report, 48% of thefts came from warehouses and production facilities compared to 18% in 2019. Thus, one may question whether putting assets in storing facility is enough to ensure its safety.


Lost assets come at a heavy price for almost any business. As per MillWood Inc, the cost of replacing lost packaging, including pallets, cost American businesses between $750 million and $1 billion per year. It should be noted that thieves not necessarily target large-sized goods, since one of the biggest causes for these losses is the stolen small goods loaded on pallets. More insightful data comes from the UK where it was observed that businesses operating across industrial, manufacturing, warehouse & distribution experience pallet thefts.

Another problem relating to asset security is their transportation. For example, in 2020, Apple experienced a £5m loss due to stolen products from lorry – 48 stollen pallets of production were driven into an unknown location. Similarly, last year a Hong Kong truck driver left his vehicle unattended and found a pallet of goods loaded with 800 mobile phones missing, with around 194,000$ losses incurred. The outcomes in the above situations could have been different if there was a tracker placed on one of the pallets.

Imagine the situation: your customer has 50 trucks in transit and each of them carries 30 pallets worth 12.500 EUR each. If at least one truck is being robbed, your customer loses 375.000 EUR instantly. That‘s a burden each logistics or warehouse company carries whenever they are not ready for danger caused by thieves.

For all the above problems, there is a solution that can save money and time for companies who want to prevent the theft of simple assets. Teltonika Mobility has recently launched ASSET TRACKEREASY (TAT100), a multifunctional and convenient device that provides a number of benefits.


Let’s say you are a business owner who wants to transport a number of small assets. Whether they are stored in a warehouse/distribution facility or loaded in a truck, our ASSET TRACKEREASY ensures constant monitoring. The device, easily mounted on each pallet, operates with the help of two extremely low self-discharge batteries that are sustainable in long journeys or extended periods of time.

The owner of the assets can feel safe because whenever he wants to see the location or condition of his assets, he can do it via an online platform. Equipped with internal high-gain GNSS antennas, TAT100 sends information about the shipment in real-time throughout the whole journey, depending on the settings chosen.

Another crucial part of the solution is security. The Bluetooth sensors will ensure theft detection and up-to-the-minute transmission of security alarms. For example, in case of an unauthorized attempt to open a truck or remove the assets from a pallet, the sensors would instantly transmit the signal to the tracking device which would then send the alert to the owner or security company. That means that thieves may be caught red-handed before they even touch the goods.




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