Helping someone cannot be possible without taking on some vulnerability. Being a social worker, the risk of harm is much higher, and their safety is at stake. To protect the workers from endangerment, we put forward a smart management solution.


Social work, a discipline that has been developing since the 19th century, sets out to help vulnerable people and communities. It also constitutes one of the fastest-growing fields globally. For example, in the EU there were about 10.9 million people (4.7% of labour force) in 2018 employed in the sector on social services.

The daily work of social workers involves meetings with people, and these encounters can be less pleasurable than one wishes. There are numerous cases of incidents that lead to fatal outcomes; for example, in 2021, a social worker got stabbed while trying to check on the welfare of vulnerable children, while another one died after getting shot during an encounter with aggressive clients.

The issue can be considered deep-rooted. According to Community Care investigation survey carried out over 12-months period, 85% of social workers experience assault, harassment or verbal abus. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) reports that social workers are “nearly five times as likely to suffer a serious workplace violence injury than workers in other sectors”. Since social workers often work alone, the risk for them to get hurt amplifies, and every second counts in critical situations.

To combat the issue of social workers becoming a victim, Teltonika Mobility prepared a smart solution of Worker Badge (GH5200) that operates as a means to provide safety for employees as soon as possible.


A social worker is distributed with GH5200, a slim and convenient tracking device that can be worn around the neck or placed around the belt. If a potentially threatening situation arises, he can click one of the pre-programmed buttons to send an alert to a responsible person or call centre. The latter can then react instantly by identifying the exact location of a worker and providing assistance.

The device can be also very handy in buildings where GPS records could not be sent accurately. Before entering particular premises, a worker clicks a button and records a message about the customer and apartment he’s visiting. Then, a pre-configured timer is enabled, and if the worker does not respond to the notification on GH5200, a security guard would receive a message allowing him to trigger a call for help.

GH5200 also possesses two-way voice communication that essentially allows the worker to contact any of five (or fewer) contacts listed on the device. He can send an SMS or initiate a call with a security guard or colleagues.



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