Idle workforce, waste management problems and street cleaners‘‘ safety are the priority concerns for cities to take care of. All of this requires modern solutions. Teltonika Mobility has come up with the one that may improve the efficiency of a business.


Nowadays the society is more tech-savvy. Therefore, it is no surprise that online complaints surge among cities. When sanitation budgets are cut and no new working methods are implemented, cities see a wave of complaints.

For example, in 2020 the city of New York has tightened the sanitation budget and saw a 150% surge in complaints concerning dirty conditions in the city. During March-August this also spiked the complaints regarding rodents. Other cities like Philadelphia reported that trash-related complaints increased dramatically in 2020 summer, reaching up to 6,000 calls in July, as piles of rotting waste sat on streets and alleys for days, attracting rodents and insects. Meanwhile, Dallas City is constrained with issues finding new staff and ageing fleet thus this only enhances the problem of not completing routes for trash pickup.


Cities in Europe are trying to implement various tracking and waste management cities to tackle the problem. Automated street cleaners, trolleys are being tracked to ensure duties are performed. Usually, the street cleaner has an idle time of 2 hours a day. If there is a division of 50 workers that costs around 2200 hours lost per month which is 11200 Euros lost in capital per month, which adds up to 134400 Euros per year. That’s a burden for a cleaning company to carry. Tracking and management solutions could help save at least half of the mentioned amount, solve complaints faster, enhance the productivity of the fleet and make staff accountable for cleaning results on daily basis. These measures would also help to project future demand and schedule routes in a more productive manner. Fixed pickup routes will be in the past if cities adopt tracking solutions and implement dynamic routes, based on the data collected.

Cities are creating tracking solutions for street cleaners, sweepers and garbage collecting. Focal streets are scheduled for weekly sweeping, and remaining streets are swept as time allows. Based on inefficiency in the street cleaning segment, we see cities taking control and creating schedules or GPS tracking solutions. While large cities like Barcelona is trying to help street cleaners with robots, smaller municipalities like the City of Tumwater (US) uses GPS technology to track the location and activity of their street sweepers. While some cities are focusing on street sweeping, others are implementing solutions for garbage control. For example, in 2020, Philadelphia launched StreetSmartPHL an online mapping tool to track down the status of trash and recycling collection. In India, the city of Chandigarh, there will be a ‘performance indicator’ installed on every vehicle, indicating the time taken by the trucks to collect garbage from each house, whether it was within the specified time range and reasons for the delay.


If you are supporting street cleaning companies or municipalities and providing software services with full integration, you arrived at the right place. Combining our personal tracker with your solution allows full access and live tracking of street sweepers and street cleaners. Workers can check in whenever they cleaned the street or took out the particular garbage can. Even if there are no garbage can locations, the geofence zone could be set up to manage the exact location.

If there is a necessity to check movement or exact whereabouts, a combined solution will allow examining all data in real-time. Accurate location data allows to set up new checkpoints and send cleaners to the particular spot on time. Our device contains special pre-programmed scenarios. If a worker does not move, a no-movement notification can be sent to the managing operator. In case of a fall down, an alert message is being sent to supervisors and help could be sent right away. The alarm button is integrated into the unit, which, after being pressed, sends an ALERT message directly to the call centre.



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Teltonika TMT250 is an autonomous personal tracker with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity.


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Low power sensors and BLE Beacon support for various use cases


Dimensions only 44x43x20 mm. It can be easily hidden and work for long hours


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