It would be fair to say that we live in an era of improved living conditions and healthcare. However, some parts of our society such as elderly or disabled people still face regular challenges, because they need help or assistance every day. Helping people is ingrained in Teltonika values, and we have come up with a solution for Telecare.


According to United Nations data, in 2019 there were 703 million older persons aged 65 or over. In the next three decades, the number of elderly people is projected to more than double, reaching over 1.5 billion persons in 2050. Thus, by 2050, 1 in 6 people in the world will be over the age of 65.

Elderly people, especially those who live alone, face various challenges: difficulty with everyday tasks and mobility, financial insecurity, isolation in their communities and, most importantly, finding the right care and having access to healthcare services. Complex health and safety needs of alone elder people were adressed by some studies. For example, BMC Getriatic research found out that older patients living alone were 50% more likely to have an emergency department attendance and 40% more likely to have over 12 general practitioner appointments compared to older patients living with others. Moreover, the elderly who live alone are prone to home accidents that include falls, cuts or drowning. Another study by Mersin University indicates that approximately 30% of over-65 people fall each year and the rate of falling again among those who have experienced once is 60%. Of the falls, from 20% to 30% result in injury that increases the risk of premature death.

What is more important to point out is that doctors or care workers cannot come immediately, and the elder could not call for help. What if something dangerous or life-threatening already happened?

Luckily, we brought a multi-layered solution that aims to ensure safety for the seniors, elderly or disabled people that live alone. Simultaneously, it provides the ability for nursing staff, relatives or emergency services to monitor and react to particular events. The solution works with the help of our dynamic personal tracker – Worker Badge (GH5200).


People, those who are hospitalized at home or those who have difficulties taking care of themselves are distributed with our GH5200. First, the device constantly monitors the location of a person, so if he leaves for a walk or somewhere else outside of his apartment, there is no risk for him to get lost since all the data is transmitted to the online platform.

Secondly, if a person feels unwell, he may choose from a few pre-programmed buttons on Worker Badge to activate different scenarios. For example, with just one button click he can make a call to a caregiver or nursing home staff to inform about his health problem. Also, the patient can click the alarm button, enabling emergency mode that sends an instant notification to the real-time platform.

Finally and most importantly, in case of a sudden fall down, a man-down alarm is being instantly sent to the supervising persons. If the patient who fell does not respond to a communication request, emergency services would be on their way to the person‘s location to provide medical aid.




Helping people is one of the fundamental values of Teltonika, and we feel that Telecare is a fitting niche to fulfil our values. Over 15 years of experience in providing tracking and safety solutions, long-term trust from the partners and rapid development has made Teltonika a solid leader in the IoT market. We intend to keep that bar high. We value every client, just write us a message and see why.

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