With the world becoming more progressive and technologically connected, new challenges and demands arise for the companies that seek the quality assurance of intelligent logistics and safety. It goes without saying that among the popular services under the scope is car leasing industry that cope with the problem of thefts.

Teltonika Mobility have a solution can help not only reduce the risks of theft but also avoid damages resulting from them.


In recent years the car leasing market has been booming. Owing to the increased burden of costs for maintenance, fuel and taxes, it is no surprise that people are shifting from the perspective of owning a car to the vehicle leasing.

Boosted by the surging rate of consumers of low spending power, car leasing business is even expected to grow. Latest reports from Statista indicate that the number of car rental users will reach record highs in 2022 (464.2 millions) with further years projecting even higher nubers.


According to the world-renowned companies – Enterprise, Hertz, Avis Budget and others – the globally generated turnover of the car leasing market in 2019 amounted to over 91 billion EUR. And the latest Technavio analysis suggests that the market will face a 14% growth in the period of 2019-2023.

Car leasing is an undoubtedly profitable business, but it is needless to say that tracking systems are indispensable for every fleet owner. The tracking provides not only real-time whereabouts and key operating information of a vehicle but also serves to prevent the property from theft.

However, theft prevention proves to be an issue that requires more attention and different approaches. Its magnitude can be illustrated by the fact that there are at least 4 million vehicles stolen every year around the globe, while 25% (around 1 million) of the cases are registered in Europe.

In recent years car rental services have been experiencing thefts even at the airports that usually appears to be one of the safest places. For example, Denver International Airport has reported that at least 520 cars have been reported stolen so far this year from the airport and the surrounding lot. The reports of stolen vehicles from the airports also surfaced from other places like Hawaii, Chicago and others.

Vehicle recovery is another underlying concern nowadays. Latest data indicate that only 20% of stolen vehicles are recovered, while 30% of them come back damaged.

Statistically, it takes an average of 11 days to recover a stolen vehicle. Having in mind that 30% of the recovered vehicles are damaged, doubling the safety measures should come as a priority measure for the car fleet owners. Time is of the essence and, hence, the money.

And we arrive at the point when one must admit that ordinary tracking means may not necessarily help. The thieves are becoming more intelligent these days, as they can now easily dance the ways around your car‘s security and disable the tracking signal with a digital RF detector, or portable signal jammer.

These issues can now be in the past, as Teltonika Mobility prepared a tailored solution for car fleet owners to reduce the risks of theft and avoid damages resulting from them. A hidden ace, a sleeping giant or simply the perfect backup pillar – learn more about exceptional multifunctional tracker below.


Advanced BLE Asset Tracker (TAT100) has been developed specifically for the leasing and rental companies for additional protection against vehicle theft. Essentially, it operates as a backup tracker with a link to the main tracker via Bluetooth connection. The backup tracker is configurated to periodically check if the master device is still connected to the vehicle.

In case a thieve removes or disrupts the main tracker, the loss of Bluetooth connection enables the TAT100 tracker to adopt all GNSS/GSM tracking functions with the alarm immediately sent to the authorities and the owner of a vehicle. That said, the stolen vehicle would be found and returned within hours, most likely – undamaged.

Long battery life (lasting up to five years) and the ability to be offline on a smart sleeping mode makes this solution unique in preventing car theft.




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